Fresh breath not only feels great, it’s also a sign of a healthy mouth. Staying hydrated, brushing your teeth and flossing daily can all positively impact your breath and oral health.¬†Dentist woodstock ga says fresh breath can greatly effect your confidence level, too!¬†Adding mouthwash to your routine enhances the effects of all of these best practices. Whether your reason for introducing a mouthwash routine is cosmetic or dental health driven, there are many mouthwashes to choose from. Knowing the different types of washes and what they are formulated to target will help you get the most out of your mouthwash experience.

Consulting with your family dentist is a great place to start when choosing the right mouthwash for you and your family. Each member may need a different type of rinse depending on the state of their oral health, and their age. Our woodstock dentist says children would require a rinse or wash that has been ADA approved to be safe and effective for kids.

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Seniors with dentures may choose something that is also safe to soak their dentures in at night. Family members who suffer from the gum disease gingivitis would likely benefit the greatest from a mouthwash designed to improve or treat gum disease. Others may simply want to add a rinse to get fresher breath.

According to www.theatlantic.com, therapeutic mouthwashes are designed to improve different aspects of your oral health. Some of these rinses are only available through a prescription, which is why it is even more desirable to have a dentist help with your decision. Tooth decay is best fought off with a mouthwash that contains fluoride. Plaque can be reduced and build up avoided with the right rinse. Just like there is toothpaste designed to fight cavities, there are mouthwashes formulated to do the same thing. Cosmetic mouthwashes are geared toward fresh breath or whiter teeth, but do not work to strengthen your oral health.