If you want to change your lifestyle, there’s an easy way to do it – all you have to do is start with your diet. Changes in your diet will also bring changes in your health, so make sure you make the right choice when you’re thinking of this.

This means that there will be a few things that you’re going to stop eating and you family_doctor_stethoscope_1600_clr_13470will have to introduce new dishes into your diet. Those who like to eat might find this a little harder to do, but there are so many good things to be eaten, which are natural that it would be a pity not to at least try them.

Here is what you can do for keeping healthy habits.


Wherever you look, you will always find nutritionists that say this – you need to eat more salads. However, people think that eating a salad means that you have to take the tomato, cut it and eat it directly. Nothing more wrong that this. There are so many recipes for salads, which are healthy, good looking and wonderfully tasting.
For example, you can make a summer salad by simply mixing all the vegetables that you can find in the summer – tomatoes, cucumbers, colored peppers, red Large_Red_Apples_PNG_Clipartonions, green onions and so on. Cut each of them in small pieces, add some pomegranate juice and some olive oils, some salt and pepper and the salad it ready.

You can also add some greenery, like dill or parsley, and this will improve the taste and aspect even more. It’s something that takes about 5 minutes of your time, it gives you energy for at least half of day, it doesn’t get you to gain weight but it also helps you in loosing some kilos.

For those who want to quit eating junk food, this is the first dish that they should insert into their diets.


For those who don’t like the vegetables or the salads made out of them, there is always the option to choose a smoothie instead of a salad. The smoothies are made in the blender out of different legumes, vegetables, greeneries, spices and fruits. You can mix everything that you want, as long as you also drink them.

Smoothies are good options for helping you lose weight and detoxifying the Green Tea Health Benefits must Knoworganism. However, if you want to do this for a longer period of time, it’s better if you could replace only one meal of the day with the smoothies – the breakfast is your best choice.

For example, you can use peaches, mangos and bananas, with yogurt and honey – all you have to do is blend them until they get the right consistency and it’s ready to be served. Another recipe that you can do for a fresh start in the morning is to use two small cucumbers (peeled, of course) with limejuice, half a cup of water and honey. This is refreshing and it gives you an energy boost.

As it’s the case with any diet, don’t exaggerate with the smoothies – it’s better not to replace all your meals with them, even if you feel like you are up to it. Your body needs different ingredients, and no matter how good the smoothies are, you can’t force your body to get used to them at once.


Water is the most essential element for life – it was proven that people could go without food for many days, but without water they simply wither faster. Your body is made of more than 75% water, so you need to be careful about what you drink to satisfy your thirst.

197_to_your_health_pngThe body functions optimal when it receives every element and nutrient that it needs, but apart from those, water is also essential. It keeps your body hydrated, your skin doesn’t show early wrinkles and it has a healthy aspect, the organs of your body function better every function is improved.

Many nutritionists say that it’s recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water per day, but you need to drink just as much as you can handle.